Charter a Piper PA34 Seneca - Private Jet Charter

A reliable small prop aircraft, with a good flight range and up to 6 seats.

Overview Summary

The Piper Seneca was originally developed in the 1970s and a variation of the Seneca is still in production today. Offering up to 6 seats and a relatively long flight range combined with a short required landing distance; the Piper Seneca is an economic choice for flights between smaller airports.


  • Up to 6 seat configuration
  • Offers access to smaller airports
  • Very low per hour flight cost
  • Popular and reliable aircraft worldwide

Comfort & Size

The Seneca offers space for up to 6 seats. The Seneca II has "club seating" whereby the two center-row seats face each other allowing more legroom in the passenger cabin.


ModelPiper PA34 Seneca
Speed174 kts
Range826 nm
Luggage Capacity15 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.06 m
Interior Width1.12 m