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Charter a Falcon 8X - Private Jet Charter

The long range Falcon 8X tri-jet is Dassault's successor to the successful Falcon 7X, and comes with added range. It became available for charter in May 2017.

Overview Summary

The Falcon 8X is designed to fly to a maximum range of 6,450 nm - 500nm further than its predecessor the 7X and very close to rival Gulfstream's G650. Its range means it can connect most of the world's top city pairs.

As a tri-jet (three engines), it has excellent agility for landing on smaller runways, and this also gives it an added safety factor for long distance flights.


  • Maximum passenger capacity: 14
  • Large cases: 4
  • Hand luggage: 3
  • Other: 2 sets of golf clubs
  • High speed and 6,450 nautical mile nonstop range
  • Excellent cabin comfort
  • Dassault's signature threeengine design
  • Midcabin storage area

Comfort & Size

The Falcon 8X offers a wide and long stand-up cabin. Two bathrooms, galley area and spacious mid-cabin storage area offer passengers an extremely comfortable flight. The convertible seats can also be transformed into 5 flat beds.


Luggage Capacity1695 cu.ft.
ModelFalcon 8X
Speed475 kts
Interior Height26.1 m
Purchase Price$58 000 000
ClassificationLong Range Jet
Range6450 nm
Interior Width92 m