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Overview summary

Courchevel Airport officially known as Courchevel Altiport - is a small airport situated just a few minutes from the ski resort of Courchevel, in the Trois Vallées region of France. Very popular in the winter, many clients want to take a private jet to Courchevel.

The airport is directly accessible by helicopter and its runway is able to be used by a limited number of light private aircraft. However at PrivateFly, we recommend clients fly by private jet into Chambery Airport or Grenoble Airport or other nearby airports, then transfer to Courchevel by helicopter. The Altiport is also a popular starting point for scenic flights around Mont Blanc and the rest of the Alps.

To book a private jet to or from Courchevel, contact our flight team experts 24/7 on contact our flight team experts 24/7 on our flight team experts 24/7 on 020 7100 6960 .

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Courchevel Altiport History

Created in 1961, Courchevel Altiport is distinctive for its short and steep runway (537 metres long) and its altitude - it is the highest runway in Europe.

Given its challenging location and short runway, the French Aviation Authority (DGAC) restricts most commercially-chartered fixed wing private flights, in or out of Courchevel. Private owners can land there in their own aircraft (ie not commercially-chartered by a third party) - as different safety regulations around landing then apply.

Most clients looking to reach Courchevel by private charter will arrive by private jet to Chambery or Grenoble, then transfer to Courchevel via helicopter.

Landing at Courchevel Altiport

Location - Courchevel Altiport

Courchevel Airport is situated just 10 minutes by car from the ski resort centre of Courchevel, and around 90 minutes drive from Chambery Airport.

Facts - Courchevel Altiport

Airport code: LFLJ /CVF
Latitude: 45° 23′ 51″ N
Longitude: 06° 38′ 04″ E
Altitude: 2,008m
Runway length: 537m
Runway surface: Asphalt

Private jet & helicopter charter prices to Courchevel

To fly to Courchevel from London, a small 4-seater Citation Mustang would cost from around €12,500 for a return flight to Chambery, with a further €1,700 (each way) for a private helicopter transfer in a 5-seater helicopter.

For advice on the best way to reach Courchevel by private charter, contact our flight team experts 24/7 on 020 7100 6960 .