PrivateFly Leadership

Marine Eugène

Managing Director, PrivateFly & Flexjet

Annelies Garcia

Commercial Director

Dave Woolley

Director of Finance - Europe, OneSky

Bruno Gregolin

Vice President, IT - Europe, OneSky

Group Leadership

PrivateFly is part of Directional Aviation's OneSky family, and benefits from the leadership, support and stability of one of the world's leading private aviation groups.

Kenneth Ricci

Chairman, Directional Aviation Capital

Michael Silvestro

CEO, Flexjet

Andrew Collins

CEO, Global Jet Cards & On-Demand Charter - OneSky

The PrivateFly Team

PrivateFly offers industry-leading technology, but ultimately our people are what makes us fly. Find out more about PrivateFly and how we work.

Garreth Horrocks

Group Safety Officer

Matt Barber

Head of Sales

Steven Warner-Gould

Jet Card Sales Director

Jordan Oates

Sales Manager

Ollie Wright

Sales Manager

Anatole Demonceaux

Jet Card Sales Manager

Alexandre Perfetti

Senior Flight Adviser/French Team Manager

Kristian Lee

Senior Flight Adviser

Gianluca Cioffi

Sales Manager

Elliot Bottomley

Head of Music & Entertainment

George Bannister

Senior Flight Adviser

Axel Plat

Senior Flight Adviser

Freddie Judge

Client Services Manager

Chloe Heathfield

Senior Client Services Executive

Apolina Simonova

Senior Client Services Executive

Filippo Bardelli

Client Services Executive

Gabriele Martinaityte

Client Services Executive

Max Patel

Client Services Executive

Darren Gower-Jackson

Head of Technology

Tom Webb

Project Manager

Andrew Bedziak

Software Developer

Sunil Gareja

Software Developer

Viv Diprose

Head of Communications

Hannah Needs

Head of Business Development

Louise Bean

Business Development Manager

Sarah Silke

HR Manager

Noreen Chaudhary

HR Advisor

Helen Killner

Office Manager

Zena Robinson

Head of Finance

Phil Cawthorn


Jess Blackman

Senior Accounts Assistant

Natasha Tough

Junior Accounts Assistant